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New alternative to monitoring

Electronic Monitoring

Due to the overcrowding of the prison,

the need for electronic monitoring equipment is emerging.

It can prevent the recurrence of crime

by identifying the offender's position and behavior pattern.


Electronic Bracelet


Home Device


Victim Protection


Home monitoring

Secure and reliable Electronic Monitoring makes

enhanced public safety and successful offender rehabilitation


Home Monitoring

Restrict minor offenders

to go out at night time


Electronic Bracelet

Tracking location and

analyzing behavior pattern.


Victim Protection

If the offender and victim are

within a certain distance,

Notify police, supervisor and victim.

electrinic ankle bracelet

Electronic Ankle Bracelet

• Strong and durable hardware

    Hard to damage it. Any attempts to damage the bracelet are        detected and reported immediately to the monitoring center.

• Location tracking

    In non-positioning area, its own algorithm can be applied to        estimate the offender's position


• Analysis of behavior pattern

    Identify the anomalous signs through the analysis of the              offender's behavior pattern.

• Remote Opening

     In dangerous situation it can be remotely open

     using wireless communication.


Charging Pack

• Freedom of movement

     Wireless charger. Convenient charging solution.

•Water resistant

     It was designed specifically to resist water.


• Identification of the location

   Connect to the electronic ankle bracelet and charging pack

   to check the offender’s location.

• Design to prevent social stigma

     Simple and concise design to alleviate

     the negative look of the offender

Home Device

home device

• Location Alert

    Using LoRa, it can estimate location of victim and offender

    in real time. If the distance is less than 1km,

    notify victim, supervisor and police

• Emergency button

    Triggers an alarm in case of insecurity

Victim Protection

victim pretection

• Wireless charging

    16 hours operation when fully charged

• Various design for victim protection

    This device designed in various forms such as necklace,        bracelet, keyring so that the victim does not reveal                themselves as a victim.

Home Monitoring

Night time Curfew

• User friendly design

    Continuous wrist-based location tracks for user convenience.

    Color, Material, Finishing can be selected by user’s personality.

• Biometric authentication

     Accurate authentication with ECG and fingerprint.

• Wireless charging

    16 hours operation when fully charged

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